Everyday Wreath Tutorial

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog! And it makes me happy to be posting once again! 🙂

So I’ve been meaning to make an everyday wreath that I can hang on my front door when I don’t have any festive/seasonal wreaths or decorations to use.  I scoured Pinterest and the web and compiled my favorite looks.


(I’m still working on creating the perfect bow! -the one in the picture is a little small for the size of the wreath, I think.- Any tips, easy instructions, or suggestions on how to create a bow from ribbon would be great!)


-18″ Grapevine wreath
-Flowers of your choice (some small, some large)
-Hot glue gun
-Ribbon (that complements your flowers-or burlap ribbon!)

The hardest part, I think, is deciding on how you want to place your flowers.  I just threaded some of the stems through the wreath’s vines to see how placement would look for the different flowers I had. You just have to play with it until you like the look.


 I’m a stickler for not seeing any stems or hot glue marks, so my flowers are close together.

You can cut the stems short (about 2-4 inches) so it is easier to thread into the wreath’s vines.  Once you have a few placed in the wreath, go ahead and hot glue them in place. Then gradually add more- messing with the placement until you like it and then hot glue those in place.

Don’t forget you can also dab some glue on a leaf or side of a flower and stick it to another flower to help hide the stems/glue marks.

I liked the look of only covering a quarter of the wreath with the flowers and having a bow offset the other side.  (Again, any helpful hints on how to make bows would be great!)

You can even add a small wooden letter for your last name near the flowers or bows to add more personalization!


Then just hook on a wreath door holder and you are all set!

*I will update a picture once I’ve created a better looking bow!


Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial


Lately I’ve been into making wreaths for different holidays. I made an ornament wreath for Christmas, and it was so easy and fun to make! So I decided to try to make an Easter egg wreath. I was debating on using a wire hanger, string, or foam, but noticed many egg wreath tutorials suggested a foam circle or straw wreath. I kinda just put everything I read together and took what I thought would be best. I went to Walmart to get the supplies and the straw wreath was cheaper, so I went with that!

This is a pretty easy project and only takes an hour or so. One thing I will say is be careful when you are hot glueing the eggs…I burned my finger SO BAD when a drop of hot glue landed on my finger. Because you will be holding the wreath at weird angles to glue the eggs on, the glue drips down still, and BOOM! Your finger might be in the way. And because I was holding the wreath with one hand  and glue gun in other, I had to throw the glue gun down, then grab the wreath with that hand and then quickly wipe off the hot glue that landed on the other hand. OUCHHHH! Man, that hurt, and still does…2 hours later after cold water, ice, and hydrocortizone cream! There is a blister by the way. So that is the end of my rant and warning. 😉

-1 Straw wreath
-42 Regular sized easter eggs (1 pkg at walmart)
-16 Large sized easter eggs (2 pkgs at walmart)
-1 bag of Easter grass
-Hot glue gun/glue sticks

Start glueing the eggs on the inner part of the wreath. You can mix match how you place the eggs. I did them topsy turvy-like and added the larger ones sporadically amongst the regular sized eggs.


Continue to “layer” the eggs, working from the inner area to the outer area. It is okay if the eggs leave a space or if the glue leaves a visible mark. You will be able to cover it up with the grass later.
I stopped my eggs when I was done doing the outer layer (the outermost part of the wreath). If you hold it up, you will see that the eggs cover the “edge” of the wreath so you do not need to cover the whole entire wreath with eggs. However, if you wish to do that, you will need more eggs than what I mentioned earlier.

Now you can fill in the spaces and cover up any glue marks. Take your glue gun and put a dot of glue where you want a mark or space covered up, then smoosh (yes, smoosh!) some grass on that glue dot! For the spaces, you can either stuff your glue gun down in the space, let some glue out and then use a pencil or long object to stuff the grass down or you can put dots on the eggs surrounding the space and just smoosh the grass on those. Either way, the space will be covered. I did both ways and found the 2nd method to be a lot easier. Also, after you smoosh your grass down, you may have some long pieces. Just take a scissor and cut the excess off, or even trim the grass if it is out of control!


I hope I made that as easy and informative as possible! Good luck and don’t burn yourself! 😉