The Sprinkle Cake…

I’ve seen the sprinkle cake pinned quite a few times on Pinterest and I wanted to try it out. Today just happens to be my Mom’s birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!) so I figured, why not!? Well, Oh man…did I fail! But we were all laughing through the whole project, which makes for a great memory and fun time spent together 🙂


I figured out a few things I would change on the next attempt of doing the sprinkle cake and I will share them with you! But first let me give you the directions on how to make a sprinkle cake.

-1 boxed cake mix
-At least 2 cake pans (you can do more tiers if you’d like)
-1 can frosting
-1 container of sprinkles
-2 circles cut out of cardboard

First bake your cake according to the directions and let cool. (I can’t stress enough you need to make sure the cakes are completely cooled off!) While waiting, you can cut out the 2 cardboard circles. I just cut them out of 2 paper plates. Make the circles a few inches smaller than the diameter of the cake.

After the cake has cooled, Lay one cardboard circle on your cake dish, then place the first tier on top of it. Make it to wear you can slide your finger underneath the cardboard so you are able to grab it once you’ve iced the tiers.
Ice the top of the bottom tier, then place the top tier on top. (If you are doing more than 2 tiers, then repeat the process until you are ready for the top tier.) Now ice the the sides of the whole cake, making sure to ice about a 1/2 inch on top of the cake as well. Set a plate next to the cake and pour a good amount of sprinkles in (I poured about half of the container). After that, put the 2nd cardboard piece on top of the cake. Grab the bottom piece of cardboard/cake and lift. Quickly start dabbing the sides in the  sprinkles, rotating the cake as you go. It helps to have someone helping you by adding more sprinkles to the plate or just moving the sprinkles so the cake will always hit sprinkles instead the plate itself.


When the sides of the cake are covered, gently set it back down on the cake dish. Ice the top of the cake and spoon on the sprinkles until the cake is covered. I found this to be the messiest part! Then press the sprinkles down on the top part of the cake to they don’t fly off when the cake is moved! Tadaa! Well, mine looks more like a blob of icing and sprinkles… Hopefully yours turns out better than mine! 😉


-Make sure the cakes are completely cooled off before starting to work with them! I was trying to get them done by a certain time and started icing/sprinkling mine when they were somewhat cool, but not totally cool. That may be why mine crumbled a little bit.
-A denser cake may work better. I used a Betty Crocker white cake mix and it started to crumble and fall apart during the side-sprinkling step.
-2 people for this project is better than 1! The 2nd person can help with the sprinkling process, making it easier.
-The sprinkles will get everywhere, so do this project in an area of your kitchen that you can easily clean up
-Have fun with it! It is definitely a fun project to do and even if your cake turns out like mine did, you can sit back and laugh at it! 🙂


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