The Harlem Shake is Taking Over…

So I’m sure you all have heard about the recently ever-so-popular Harlem Shake. It’s a fad taking over the world!

And Youtube has succumb! Youtube itself does the harlem shake! I’m talking the actual website-not the staff.

If you don’t know what it is, here is a quick description. A song called “harlem shake” created by a DJ and producer named Baauer, is played. For the first 15 seconds one person, usually wearing a mask or hat, dances crazy while everyone around acts like nothing unusual is happening (practically ignoring the lone dancer). Then at the 15 second mark when the base drops, the whole room of people suddenly appear in strange clothes (some practically nude) dancing like maniacs and just going crazy.

ANYWAYS…..back to what I was saying, the Harlem Shake Has Taken over Youtube! I’m not talking just a mass upload of harlem shake videos, but that the Youtube website actually does the harlem shake!

Go to Youtube and type  “do the harlem shake” in the search box. AND JUST WATCH (turn your volume up). The music will start (without clicking a video!) and you will see the youtube symbol in the top left corner “shake” and then when the base drops, all the videos will bounce and shake a few times.

It’s cool, but crazy. The Harlem Shake is taking over…eh well, give it a few months and I’m sure it’ll cool down 😉

Hope that was a little fun discovery you could check out 🙂


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