Valentine’s Day is coming…

ImageI don’t know about you, but sometimes I find it hard to think of gifts to give for Valentine’s day besides the usual chocolates, stuffed animals and candy. I’d rather give a gift from the heart, but homemade Valentine’s day cards will only go so far! So, I googled “cheap and easy Valentine gifts” and something I had seen before came up in the results! It was called “52 Things I Love About You.” Those 52 things are written on a deck of playing cards and tied together to be given to your Valentine! Seeing that it was cheap, easy to make, as well as a gift from the heart, I decided to give it a go!

-1 Deck of cards
-2 One Inch “Book rings”
-1 Hole puncher
-A black Sharpie marker

First take your deck of cards (they don’t have to be new, just as long as you have a full deck) and organize them how you’d like. I separated mine by suit and then put each suit in decending order (I like things to be organized). Next take the first card and punch 2 holes (one near the top and one near the bottom) on the left hand side of the card. Make sure the hole is not too close to the edge, but also not too far in (you can look at my picture for guidance). Here comes the trickiest part of this project… You are going to use the first punched card as a guide. Take the 2nd card and place it under your “guide” card. Line the edges up and punch the 2nd card through the original punches of your guide card. You will keep doing this until you finish the whole deck. Every now and again hold up the stack of cards you have punched to make sure the holes are still aligned. If the hole is narrowing or you can’t see it at all, find out where the punches started changing and re-punch those cards (whether it be a little to the left or down…etc).

After all the cards are punched you can start writing your “52 Things.” Make this from the heart! You can go general like “I love your confidence” or you can do a specific thing, for instance, “I love that you kill all the bugs because you know I won’t touch them.” I made this for my boyfriend.  As I wrote my 52 things, I started laughing while writing some and teared up (in the good way) while writing others.   It is up to you, but the more personal you make it, the more it will mean to you and your Valentine! 🙂


You can use the 2 Jokers as “book ends” for your love deck. Put one Joker on top and label it “52 Things I Love About You!” and put the other Joker at then end and label it “Susie ❤  Bob!” or “The End” or whatever you choose!

Side Note: I searched high and low for the “book rings.” Walmart and Target didn’t have them (or at least the employees couldn’t find them). But office supply stores like Office Depot or Staples had them! They are near the paper clips. I got the colored pack to make it more fun. 😉

I hope you have fun when you make this for your Valentine!


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